Contact us

Here you will find contact information to the management as well as contact persons for the individual universities. If you have a general question please use the following email:

Management & Administration

Prof. Kristina Edström

Department of Chemistry
Uppsala University (UU)

Asst. Prof. Martin Månsson
Director of Studies

Materials & Nano Physics
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Camilla Dann
SwedNess Administration

Uppsala University (UU)
Tel. +46 18 471 37 94

Contacts at individual universities

Prof. Ulrich Häussermann
Materials & Environmental Chemistry
Stockholm University (SU)

Senior Lecturer Thomas Ederth
Molecular Physics
Linköping University (LiU)

Assoc. Prof. Stephen Hall
Solid Mechanics
Lund University (LU)

Prof. Jan Swenson
Condensed Matter Physics
Chalmers University

Prof. Adrian Rennie
Dept. Physics and Astronomy
Materials Physics
Uppsala University (UU)

Assoc. Prof. Peter Hedström
Materials Science
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Student representatives

Karolina Mothander
Dept. Physical Chemistry
Lund University (LU)

Elisabetta Nocerino
Dept. of applied physics
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)