Filippa Lundin, Swedish

I have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics and a master’s degree in Applied Physics both from Chalmers University of Technology. For my master’s thesis I went to Melbourne, Australia, to work on ionic liquid electrolytes at CSIRO. The work was focusing on experimentally investigating the physical and electrochemical properties of ionic liquid electrolytes for lithium-sulfur batteries using techniques such as NMR, DSC, etc.

I will continue my with ionic liquids and high energy density batteries as a SwedNess student. Highly concentrated ionic systems, such as ionic liquids or super concentrated organic solutions all share a common feature in a complex structure with ordering on mesoscopic length scales. My aim is to by understanding the microscopic transport mechanism in the electrolyte pave the way for high energy density batteries. The approach is to utilise the unique features of neutron scattering to reveal both structure and dynamics in complex materials on mesoscopic length scales. The techniques I plan to use are; neutron diffraction, small angle neutron scattering, quasi-elastic neutron scattering and neutron spin-echo spectroscopy.

University:         Chalmers University of Technology
Project Title:      Novel electrolytes for next generation batteries: revealing ion transport                                    mechanisms through neutron scattering
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Last modified: 2023-01-17