Marija Dubackic

My name is Marija Dubackic and I was born in SFRY in 1991. I received master’s degree in Theoretical and Experimental physics at Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade. My thesis was in statistical physics and it was about adsorption of self-avoiding walks on fractal lattice.

I am a PhD student at Lund University and a member of SwedNESS project since the first of September 2017. I will be doing neutron scattering on co-assembly of amyloid-forming peptides and proteins with lipid molecules. The aim of my research is to investigate driving forces, aggregation kinetics and factors that determine the composition, structure and physical-chemical properties of these co-aggregates.

University:         Lund University
Project Title:      Protein-lipid co-assembly in amyloid formationProtein-lipid co-assembly                            in amyloid formation
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Last modified: 2023-01-17