Nanny Strandqvist, Swedish

I graduated from Luleå University of Technology in March 2017 with a MSc degree in Material Science and Engineering and I started my PhD project in the end of May 2017.

My PhD project is focused on establishing a deeper understanding of emerging magnetic properties in magnetic artificial nanostructures. Experimental investigations will be carried out on both patterned and layered nanostructures and the aim of the project is to understand the behaviour of these mesoscopic magnetic structures. It is necessarily to have an atomic and molecular understanding and experimental investigations, such as neutron scattering, are therefore essential. My goal is that in the end I will have developed special expertise within the area of off-specular scattering, particularly neutron off-specular scattering. 

University:         Uppsala University 
Project Title:      Magnetic properties of artificial magnetic heterostructures
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Last modified: 2023-02-10