Eric Lindgren, Swedish

Hi! My name is Eric Lindgren, and I'm a PhD student at the Devision for Condensed Matter and Materials Theory at Chalmers. I have a B.Sc. in Engineering Physics and a MSc in Physics, both from Chalmers. I'm very interested in computational physics and modelling, using tools such as machine learning, which is something I've focused on during my studies.

I have been a part of SwedNess since starting my PhD studies in early autumn 2021, and my SwedNess project focuses on investigating the structural and dynamical properties of liquid chromophores. Chromophores are a class of molecules which are responsible for giving things color, with a notable example being the part of the beta-carotene molecule that makes carrots and pumpkins orange. Specifically, I develop machine learning models of the intermolecular interactions between chromophores, with the aim of using the models to efficiently probe the dynamics within these systems over large timescales. Neutron scattering plays a crucial role in my project, since it enables me to both probe the structure and dynamics of liquid chromophores (using e.g. INS & QENS), as well as being instrumental in validating my machine learning models.

University:         Chalmers University of Technology
Project Title:      Framework for modeling neutron spectra of liquid chromophores
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Last modified: 2022-04-07