Njelama Sanga, Zambian

My name is Njelama Sanga and I am Zambian.  I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry/Physics from the University of Zambia.  I received my Masters degree in Nuclear Physics and Technology, specializing in Radiation Safety, from Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg, Russia.  My Masters thesis research focused on using the baromembrane method to concentrate radioactive substances in water samples based on osmotic membranes.

I am currently a PhD student at Uppsala University, in the Macromolecular Chemistry Department supervised by Professor Adrian Rennie and Associate Professor Lutz Ahrens at SLU.  My PhD project will use neutron scattering methods on per-and-polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).  PFASs have a fluorinated hydrophobic carbon chains with ionic functional groups and are used in a variety of products such as lubricants and firefighting foam.  Their persistence and bioaccumulation potential pose an environmental risk. The aim of my research is to use neutron scattering methods to determine the physiochemical properties of various PFAS and their interactions with interface layers and particles.  

University:         Uppsala University
Project Title:      Study of fluorinated chemicals to reveal physicochemical properties of
                          environmental relevance
E-mail:               njelama.sanga@kemi.uu.se
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Last modified: 2022-04-07