Tobias Wrammerfors, Swedish

My background is in engineering, having graduated from LTH with a M.Sc. in Engineering Nanoscience in 2020. Throughout my studies, I tended to focus on biomedical applications, eventually doing my Master's project on measuring the nerve signals of retinal neurons. I started my PhD project in the Biomechanics group at LTH's department of Biomedical Engineering in March 2021.

My project in SwedNESS is about applying neutron techniques (primarily tomographic imaging) in conjuction with x-ray techniques and mechanical testing to study the development of osteoarthritis in the human knee joint. The project aims both at developing a greater understanding of the development of osteoarthritis as well as exploring applications for the use of neutron imaging on soft tissues.

University:         Lund University
Project Title:      Neutron scattering of soft tissues to unravel musculoskeletal structure
                          and fluid distribution during loading in health and disease
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Last modified: 2022-04-07