Yuqing Ge, Chinese

I am a PhD student from the group of Yasmine Sassa at Chalmers University of Technology.

I started my journey to the fancy world of physics from my undergraduate studying in Beijing Normal University in Beijing, China. Then I went to the University of Mainz in Germany, for further studying and did my Master thesis in 2021 investigating skyrmions. It was focused on interaction potentials between micro-scale skyrmions on thinfilms multilayers of CoFeB which combined recording time-resolve videos with Kerr Microscope, and molecular dynamics simulation treating skyrmions as independent quasi particles, so in other words, building coarse-grained model of them, where skyrmions are a kind of topologically protected chiral textures in magnetic materials stabilized by DM interaction different from the ordinary exchange interactions between spins. During my master thesis, I also started my hands on experiments like Kerr Microscope and found great fun about them. So, my interests are mostly in spintronics, magnetism and material physics.

In my PhD project, I will be focusing on synthesizing of oxide thin films with Pulsed Laser Deposition techniques, and characterization of thin film materials that have very interesting magnetic and electric properties such as superconducting and topological properties like skyrmions with X-ray, and Neutron techniques.

University:         Chalmers University of Technology
Project Title:      Thin film synthesis and study of their magnetic & electronic
                          properties with X-ray and Neutron techniques
E-mail:               yuqing.ge@chalmers.se
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Last modified: 2022-04-07