Hands-on-traning, 2017

PSI in Switzerland between 2017-09-24 to 2017-09-30

Here is the information that was sent out before the trip was done.
"Extended Cut" ​for the information regarding PSI hands-on training
"Schedule Overview / Spread-sheet" including time-plan and the student groups
Arrival information for PSI
Description for the reflectometry training 
Description for the imaging training 

IFE/Kjeller in Norway between 2017-11-27 and 2017-12-01

The course will start Monday (Nov 27) at 12.00 and finish Friday (Dec 1) at 12.00.
Here is the program for the hands-on-training at Kjeller.
Single rooms have been booked for each of you at Fagerborg hotel
We have booked an extra night at the hotel (Sunday night) for those of you that come from Linköping. For the rest of you there are flights Monday morning, train is also an option.
The hotel is intended to be paid directly on-site by each of you, i.e. your SwedNess project (individual university) pays the accommodation.
To get to IFE:
By plane: To Oslo airport Gardermoen, then train to Lillestrøm (in direction of Oslo, takes ca 10 min), then bus til Kjeller/IFE, approx. 10 min (3 km).
Train: To Oslo and then local train to Lillestrøm (10 min).
Discription of the Laboratory Exercises:
PUS Magnetic
Llamas IFE and JEEP

ISIS in United Kingdom between 2017-12-11 and 2017-12-15

We will be staying at Cosener’s house (4 nights).
Address: The Cosener's House, Abbey Close, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3JD
Cosener’s is situated about 10 miles north of the ISIS facility (i.e. Harwell campus), roughly mid-way between ISIS and the city of Oxford.
here will be a mini-bus service arranged for you to get to and from ISIS (25 min. ride).
Travel information:
There will be a bus leavning Heathrow airport at around 10.30 from terminal 2 on December 11. For those of you who are already in the London you can either travel to Heathrow and go with the bus or take the train from London Paddington to Didcot Parkway. The journey time to Didcot is approximately 1.5 hours. The Cosener's House is about 7 miles from Didcot Parkway station. Take bus X2 or X32/X32A to Abingdon (direction Oxford). Timetables and Fares
There will also be a bus leaving Cosener's house on the 15th going to Heathrow at 12:30 for those of you who are flying home. 

You are requested to arrive at Cosener’s on December 11 no later than 2 pm. At 2:30 pm we will depart to ISIS (mini busses + taxi) to check in there at 3 pm. Upon check-in you will receive your badges and general information about the facility, including orientation and some safety instructions. Around 5:30 pm we will get back to Cosener’s. The following days (Tuesday – Thursday), mini buses will depart 8:15 am from Cosener’s to ISIS, and back in the evening 5:30 pm.

Before hands-on:
The hands-on training will be scheduled at ISIS as an experiment. Within the next 2-3 weeks you will receive an email from the ISIS user office with instructions, i.e. you will have to register as a user and perform an online safety training prior your visit. Please follow the instructions closely! Importantly, check if you need a visa for travelling to the UK. If you do so, please notify me (Ulrich.Haussermann@mmk.su.se). I will then organize a letter of invitation from the ISIS user office for you. You will need this, together with a letter from your university (could be signed by your supervisor), stating that you are employed by your department (specify duration) and receive a monthly salary (specify amount), and that you have health insurance from Sweden. Most likely you will be applying for a standard visitor visa, short term. The application fee is 105 Euro and after submitting your application online you will get a decision within 3 weeks. After which you have to go to the UK embassy in Stockholm.
Please have a look at the (preliminary) schedule. It is very dense. First, we have to be grateful to ISIS to make available three spectrometers for our hands-on. For practical reasons (time and available personnel supervising data analysis) we need to divide the Swedness class into three interest groups, “chemists”, “physicists” and “biologists”. Please help me there by emailing back your preference, i.e. no 1 chemistry, no 2 biology, no 3 physics.
For data analysis you should have installed Mantid on your laptop. Further, please check with your department/university whether there is a license for the quantum chemical program package GAUSSIAN. If so, please install this program as well.

- Lunches will take place in the canteen on campus (about £5), for dinner you will find     restaurants, bars and pubs in Abingdon where Cosener’s is located. Alternatively you     may take the bus to Oxford for more choices.
- SwedNess will sponsor an English Christmas dinner on Wednesday 13th at Cosener’s.
- SwedNess will also sponsor a sandwich lunch at Cosener’s on the departure day after     the examination seminar.
- This examination will be analogous to that you did at PSI.
- You are requested to pay for your room upon checking out from Cosener’s (and will get     reimbursed from your project).