Reflectivity and GISANS at Uppsala University

English Course Title:         Reflectivity and GISANS
Svenskt Kursnamn:           Reflectivity and GISANS
Credits:                               3 hp

Educational Level:              Third Cycle
Subject Area:                       Neutron Scattering
Grade Scale:                        Pass/Fail

The didactic idea behind the course is based on using the scientific literature as well as hands on training. Besides the knowledge on scattering techniques, the students will obtain training and knowledge on transferable skills such as: Pitching scientific ideas in written and verbal form, metaphysics (meta-analysis) as well as preparing and giving talks. By having a break during the mid day allows the students to digest the morning session and enhance the learning outcome of the afternoon session. 

Topic oriented syllabus. Reflectometry, off-specular scattering, GISANS, magnetism, hydrogen in materials, soft matter, rheology, dynamics, phase transitions, designing experiments, evaluation of data, statistical analysis, fitting data and simulations of data.

What you need to do:

Preparatory work:

  1. Downloading and installing appropriate software on personal computer. Obtaining first orientation of how to use the software by trial and error utilising instructions. 
  2. Download and read selected published papers on the use of the techniques involved. Write a short summary of the range of use including resolution, sensitivity etc. Maximum number of pages is defined.


  1. Participate in lectures
  2. Use simulation and fitting programs (obtaining hands on experience)
  3. Participate through discussions and analysis of experimental data and simulations


  1. Proposal for an experiment including simulations and statistical analysis
  2. Popular science description of neutron related experiment/results (1 page). 

Team: Björgvin Hjörvarsson, Hartmut Zabel, Tom Hase, Gunnar Pálsson, Max Wolff

Last modified: 2024-03-05