SANS November 7 - November 11, 2022

SwedNess Course Code:  GSn_004
English Course Title:         Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS)
Svenskt Kursnamn:           Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS)
Credits:                               2,5 ECTS

Educational Level:              Third Cycle
Subject Area:                       Neutron Scattering
Grade Scale:                        Pass/Fail
Where:                                  Online

Motivation letter:
After the deadline for registration, the organizing group will decide which applicants are accepted for the school. The selection will be based on the applicants’ letter of motivation (maximum half an A4) that must be included in the registration. The motivation letter should declare the applicants’ research focus and what they want and expect to gain from this PhD school.

This course will introduce Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) theory and practice, including how to analyse SANS data. It is aimed at students who have completed previous general neutron scattering courses, or who have some experience of Small Angle Scattering with x-rays or neutrons.

Learning Outcomes/Content:

  • Theory of Small Angle Scattering
  • Contrast matching and variation in SANS
  • SANS instrumentation (design and configuration)
  • Practicalities of SANS experiments and experimental design
  • Complementarity of SANS and other scattering methods
  • Data analysis
  • Applications of SANS
  • Introduction to Magnetic SANS
  • Methods for reaching micrometer length scales – USANS and VSANS
  • Introduction to Grazing Incidence SANS for surface structures
  • Computer lab work on analyzing SANS data
  • Presentations from students on how they would apply SANS to their research.

1 full week of lectures and exercises + home work          
Teaching Language: English


Eligibility & Prerequisites:
PhD students within SwedNess + other MSc/PhD students and Postdocs at Swedish/Nordic institutions.

Literature: Recommended literature includes:

  • The SANS Toolbox (B Hammouda)


  • Prof. Elizabeth Blackburn (LU)
  • Dr. Judith Houston (ESS)
  • Dr. Andrew Jackson (LU/ESS)
  • Dr. Wojciech Potrzebowski (LU/ESS)

Examination & Requirements for final grade:
2 parts:

  • Report on data analysis exercises
  • Presentation on application of SANS to own research project

Course will be held at LINXS :

Examiner and contact person for the course:
Dr. Andrew Jackson                    E-mail:  
Lund University                           Phone: +46 – (0)46 – 222 45 04
Division of Physical Chemistry

Thanks to LINXS for hosting the course

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