RACIRI summer school, 2017


SwedNess is the organizor for this years RACIRI summer school, Augusti 19-26.
If you would like to know more, read below or visit the RACIRI website. To apply visit Vetenskapsrådets hemsida.

Sweden, Russia, and Germany have jointly launched the RACIRI Summer School initiative in 2013, which is based on two bilateral cooperation platforms, the German-Swedish Röntgen-Angström Cluster (RAC) and the Russian-German Röntgen-Ioffe Institute (IRI). The very first summer school was organized by Russia in August 2013 in Petergov/Sankt Petersburg.

A key target of the RACIRI Summer Schools is the training of the next generation of researchers in the optimal use of the potentials offered by the unique existing and future research infrastructures in X-ray and neutron science in the Baltic region. The audience will be made up by about 80 young researchers (master students in the final research phase of their studies, PhD students, and young postdocs), predominantly from the three organizing nations, but including also about 10 young researchers from other countries. 

This year’s RACIRI Summer School will be organized for the second time by Sweden. The focus theme of RACIRI 2017 is “Grand Challenges and Opportunities with the Best X-ray and Neutron Facilities”. As you can see from the attached almost final program, the main topics to be discussed are Sources & Methods, Quantum Matter, Functional Materials & Engineering, Soft Matter & Life Science, and Energy & Environment; the final day will include visits and lectures at MAX IV and at ESS in Lund.

Last modified: 2022-11-08