Imaging/Tomography, 23-26 March, 2020, at Lund University


The objectives of this doctoral-level course are to develop awareness and understanding of different neutron imaging methods and their possible applications in different areas of research. Students should thus be able to make more effective use of neutron imaging in research by identification of the best methods, understanding the strengths of different methods/facilities and understanding the importance and key aspects of data analysis. Students will also gain insight into the future possibilities in neutron imaging, e.g., at ESS.

The course is open to doctoral students, postdocs and researchers. Preference will be given to doctoral students, and in particular those in the SWEDNESS program. Acceptance to the course will be given at the end of February. Students wishing to gain course credits towards their PhD degree will be expected to submit follow-up course work that, together with the lectures, will amount to 3 ECTS. There is no charge to attend the course, which is organised in collaboration between SwedNess and LINXS (

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