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The Introductury course, Part 1

NNSP-SwedNESS Neutron School September 2017  

The Nordic Neutron Science Programme (NNSP) and the Swedish Neutron Education for Science & Society (SwedNess) programme are proud to present the first Graduate School on Neutron Scattering. The school will take place in the university town of Tartu, Estonia, September 11-21, 2017, which lies 2,5 hours from Tallinn by buss.

The school is aimed as an introduction for starting Ph.D. students and covers an introduction to neutron scattering, with the topics:

  • Principles of scattering and neutron instrumentation
  • Diffraction
  • Small-angle scattering
  • Reflectivity
  • Imaging
  • Inelastic scattering
  • Quasielastic scattering
  • Magnetic diffraction and inelastic scattering
  • Use of polarized neutrons

In addition, there will be inspirational lectures on:

  • Neutrons for Life science
  • Neutrons for energy materials
  • Neutrons for industry
  • Neutrons for quantum materials
  • Scientific possibilities at ESS

A coherent set of lecture notes will be available, and there will be frequent use of e-learning for practical’s.
The course will start with two optional introductory days, September 9-10, covering the topics:

  • Complex numbers and complex exponentials
  • Fourier transformation
  • Connection between matter and waves
  • Mathematical description of waves in one and three dimensions

We recommend that students from Life science consider joining the introductory days, while students from Physical Sciences would likely not need to.
The last day of the School will be formed as a small project exam. Upon passing the exam, the students will receive a course diploma. The course organizers have valued the School to 4 ECTS.
The registration is closed!
The school will accommodate maximum 60 students. In case of overbooking, students funded by the SwedNess and NNSP stipend program have 1st priority. 2nd priority goes to newly started Ph.D. students from the Nordic and Baltic countries.
For the Nordic students, the NNSP and SwedNess funds will cover

  • Registration fee
  • Accommodation in shared rooms
  • Breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks
  • Welcome dinner September 10 and Conference Dinner September 16
  • Common leisure activities
  • Note that transport to and from the School, which means flight tickets + bus should be booked individually.

Please note:

  • Dinner is not included, except for the two days specified

Please contact the individual secretaries if you have any questions:

On behalf of all organizers:

  • Kim Lefmann, Univ. Copenhagen (NNSP)
  • Martin Månsson, KTH (SwedNess)
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